About the Film

On the day of her departure for college, Alison wants it to be about her for a change and not her sister Mackenzie, who she thinks is a self-centered bitch. But, as the day progresses, Alison's true feelings about her sister come to surface. She worries about how Mackenzie will battle her anorexia without her around. And when the time comes to say goodbye, an honest confrontation between the two could jeopardize the future of their relationship.

Director's statement

A sister is the person you hate the most, but would do anything for because you love her more than you will ever understand.

When we were kids, my sister and I would use one hand to torture each other and the other to protect each other against the harms of the world. I’ve always been fascinated with the wonderful, crazy and complex dynamic between sisters and the lengths to which we would go to protect each other. When I sat down to write the first draft of MACKENZIE, my thoughts about what it means to be a sister brought me back to my teenage years when I struggled with anorexia.

Images emerged from my inner eye. They were vague at first, but soon I couldn’t ignore them. A girl was lying on her bed alone in the dark, staring at the ceiling with her hands on her belly. But she didn't have a belly; she had a skeleton-body, barely covered by skin. I will never forget the fear and regret in the eyes of that lonely girl, stranded in the dark. Ten years ago, that girl was me. Anorexia was the embodiment of my deep need to express how powerless I felt, and a desperate attempt to take control over my life.
My struggle put my life on hold for years.

In MACKENZIE, Alison wrestles with feelings of guilt and abandonment on her day of moving to college. For the first time she is surpassing her older sister Mackenzie, who’s disease prevents her from doing the same. The packing symbolize Alison’s journey of growing up and leaving her childhood behind. Dreading the pending departure, Alison spends the day looking for reassurance that Mackenzie will be fine once she’s left.

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